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Senju-Senbei (Celebratory Sandwich Waffle)
Light sugar cream sandwiched by waffle shells so light they melt in your mouth.
This confection has been a favorite among all generations since 1963. "Senju" means a thousand years of happiness, and the shape of this confection represents an auspicious scene: the shadow of a flying crane reflected upon ocean waves.

Preservation: 52days / Calorie: 140 kilocalories

Hana (Flower)
Chrysanthemum-shaped bun filled with a white bean paste made with egg yolk.
The chrysanthemum is the symbol of the Japanese royal family, and this sweet conveys the elegance of the royal dynasty. This confection was first created in 1957, steeped in the traditions of Kyoto wagashi yet using ingredients such as butter and cream which were uncommon at the time. Over the course of more than fifty years it has become our flagship product.

Preservation: 18days / Calorie: 145 kilocalories

Matsu-no-ha (Leaves of the Eternal Capital)
Bean paste containing crushed chestnut pieces is sandwiched by crispy toasted wafers.

Preservation: 20days / Calorie: 40 kilocalories

Kyo-no-Rikyu (The Imperial Villa in Kyoto)
Soft bean paste jelly rolled with minced bean paste.
Kyoto's famous sweet representing the “Suhama (wave-washed beach)” in the garden of the Katsura Imperial Villa.

Preservation: 13days / Calorie: 145 kilocalories